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What Are Electric Consumer Units?

Electrician+in+Blackpool,Blackpool+electricians,A consumer unit is more commonly known as a 'fuse box'. In the modern day consumer units are no longer fitted with fuses but MCBs (Micro Circuit Breakers). MCBs stop excessive currents from overloading or short circuiting. When an excessive current attempts to travel through the consumer unit, the unit will 'trip' and the electricity will be halted. To turn the electricity back on you have to flick the ‘trip switch’ back on.

Modern day consumer units also contain an RCD (Residual Current Device) which provides added protection against electrocution. An RCD can also detect other faults such as partial live-earth breakdown, which generates heat and can cause an electrical fire.

Contact us today and make sure your consumer unit is safe and reliable

Replacing Old Consumer Units

If you have an old consumer unit or are moving into an old property, you should call out an electrician to check the unit for you and make sure you have a unit which complies with EU regulations. Old units are health and safety hazard because they do not prevent against electrocution or fires. 

At Wainwright Electrical we offer a range of consumer unit replacements and a professional consumer unit fitting service.  

 Electrian in Blackpool


Emergency call out 

Call us if you experience an electrical emergency.

Domestic re-wiring

Rewiring of your house-hold appliance installations.

Domestic rewires, domestic full works & refurbishment

We offer a comprehensive domestic electrical service. From small electrical work to full rewiring of your house

Periodic test and inspection

The importance of regular inspection and testing of electrical installations cannot be overstated, but unfortunately it is an aspect of electrical safety which is very often overlooked.

Fault finding

We can use test equipment & diagrams to safely check for a range of electrical faults

Lighting design and installation

We can design and install new traditional and contemporary design lighting systems.

Energy efficient lighting installations

We can install new traditional and contemporary lighting systems through our partnership with specialist lighting services 

We can supply & fit intelligent energy efficient light fittings, forming a complete low-energy lighting solution.

External Lighting and Power

External lighting and power installations.

Fire alarm system
We can install and maintain fire alarm systems in your public, private or business premises. We will also test & inspect existing fire alarm systems.

Emergency lighting

Installing an emergency lighting system will enable occupiers to exit a property safely in the event of a mains power cut leaving the occupiers in near or total darkness.

ELECSA approved to give you total peace of mind.  
Electrician in Blackpool

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